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... with her mouth wide open.Is that spray paint? Jude asked, Dudette Im scareddo you think some aliens trashed the place? He grabbed her arm.No, Judeeverythings alright I think I hear something back there Caitlin and Jude walked back to the staff room.Its coming from the chicks bathroom! Jude screamed.Shh! Lets sneak up on these vandalism people, Caitlin whispered and opened up the door. Nikki and Jonsey and were making out by the sink.DUDE, right on! Jude yelled.Jude, what are you doing here? This is the girls room! Nikki yelled.Seriously? Ive never been in here before, sweet! Jude said.Whatre you doing in here together? Caitlin asked completely shocked.Uhjust uhcleaning Jonseys eye! It got spray paint in it! Nikki explained.Did you guys see the vandalizers? Jude asked.We kindda are them, Jonsey weakly laughed.Jonsey, Nikki! Youre gonna be so dead! What if that Rent-a-Cop sees this? Caitlin asked face flushed.D-Dude this is wicked a-awesome! Jude ran over to Jonsey.Jude,Dude, They made fists and they hit them together. Caitlin ran over to Nikki. Nikki rolled her eyes, she really didnt like Caitlin.What were you and Jonsey doing? Caitlin whispered in a childish tone.Uh-Uh nothing. Yeah nothing at all. Nikki replied. What were you and Jude doing together?Oh, we went on a mini friend date. We saw a movie and went to the arcade. Just stuff friends do. But you and Jonsey-Right ...

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