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...I; Joe said he was looking for a girl.Nikki: Thats Wyatt and me and no way, Id rather work at the KB than with you any day!Jonesy: Cmon, you know you want to.Nikki: Uh, no I dont uh, want to and even if I did, I still wouldnt! (Gets up and starts walking away) Gbye, Ill see you after my world ends!Jude: K, bye bra.Caitlin: Why do you call chicks bra?Jude: Cause Nikki said when youre addressing a girl you dont say bro, you say bra.Caitlin: I guess that kind of makes sense.Jude: Ok, well later bra, Ive got to get back to work!Caitlin: This is where you work.Jude: (Chuckles) Oh yeah.Jonesy: Well Wyatt and I have to go back to Arcade and Eatz before I get fired!Wyatt: Well see you girls later Oh, and Jude.Jen, Caitlin and Jude: Bye.Scene: Khaki Barn. Nikki walks into there.Nikki: Hey Kirstin Im working here again and theres nothing you can do about it.Christine: Im Christine not Kirstin and when did you quit?Nikki: Uh I didnt, thats all, it was a joke. Haha.Christine: Whatever.Nikki (Thoughts): So now everything is almost right with the world again, Jonesy just needs to get fired and Ill know that everything is the way it should be!Scene: Arcade and Eatz, Jonesy and Wyatt are there. Joe comes walking up to them.Joe: Well, its almost closing time; Jonesy I noticed that you havent attracted a singal customer all day. Your friend on the other hand, well, I dont know what Id do without him. So Jonesy, youre fired!Jonesy: Aw man, why is it me that gets...
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