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...and see if we cant guess who got it for us.The gang agreed and Brook opened her gift.Wow, she said picking up the ring box and looking at Wyatt, someone went over the ten dollar limit.She opened the box to see a mood ring shaped like a heart.This is beautiful, Brook said slipping the ring on.Any guess who gave it to you, Wyatt said grabbing his box.It wasnt you, Brook asked.Wyatt shook his head.It was me, Jude said, thanks again B for helping me study.Any time Jude, Brook said smiling as Wyatt opened his box.Blank paper, Wyatt said.I know Im blowing it by saying I got it, Nikki said, but its so you can work on your music.Thanks Nik, Wyatt said.Nikki smiled and opened her box.A photo album, Nikki said, with snapshots of Europe in it this must be from Brook.Yep, Brook said, one correct guess.My turn, Jonsey said opening his up, a calendar??Its not just a calendar, Brook said, Its a date book.Nikki you still think I need a little black book, Wyatt said.Its not from me, Nikki said, I was Wyatts secret Santa remembers.I got it so you can keep all your appointments, Jen said.Thanks sis, Jonsey said handing Jen her gift.A mix cd, Jen said, must be from Wyatt as hes always listening to or making music.Two for five, Wyatt said as Jude grabbed his gift.Best one for last right J...
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