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...'t want her to get hurt, okay? I...love her...""Although she's not dangerous for us, her parents are gonna try to find her. And then it's getting dangerous. There's nothing special on her anyway.""There is! She likes me as the person I am. She said she liked me, she even saw me and wasn't scared! Please, give me a chance! I-I just wanna be with her. Because I feel so...alone without her. That's why I always went to the border. Just to see her."Tilian kept quiet."Please! You know what it's like when...when no one gives you a chance because of your appearance! When everyone's afraid of you..."Again, it was like he looked into a mirror. But he was the father and he had to decide now. Fabian waited for his answer."Amorous fool", hissed Tilian and folded his arms on his chest. However, he sighed. "Do what you want. You can free her. But if she's gonna tell anyone about this village she's dead."With this he walked away, leaving his son standing in front of the temple. Fabian cheered inside and ran back to the prison. The sun was just setting."I'm allowed to let you go", said Fabian as he went in, smiling. "But...umm...first I wanted to ask y-you if...""Wanna go out on a date?", she completed his sentence and smiled slightly. As she saw that Fabian blushed she stood up and took hi...

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