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...s not wearing safety goggles and a chemical exploded and we had to run him to the nurse, Jafar told Jasmine.Wow, I wonder how he could be that stupid, said Jasmine laughing.They walked up to the lunch line together, and they saw Aladdin in line.Look Aladdin, Jafar and I love each other and theres nothing you can do to break us up. Please stop trying, said Jasmine.I was not trying to break you two up, do I look like someone who goes around trying to break up a happy couple? asked Aladdin.Jasmine just ignored what Aladdin said and continued walking to get her food. Jasmine saw the school food which looked really gross to her.All three of them turned their noses at once.I wish I had packed a lunch, said Jasmine.Ditto, said Jafar.I agree, said Aladdin.They decided to skip lunch, they knew they might be hungry but it was much better than eating a bowl of toxic waste.Jafar and Jasmine sat at a table together after they managed to get away from Aladdin.Jasmine, theres something I want to tell you. The last 2 years weve spent together have been wonderful, the best two years of my life. I know I love you, and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Jafar began.Wait is this proposal? asked Jasmine.Well, kind of, there will be a much bigger one after high school. Ill surprise you. Though I was thinking a long term engagement, you know well exchange class rings and stuff and g...

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