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...elp with anything...Fry looked at Leela, wondering if now was a good time to mention the decisions she was going to make. There were so many things... then a thought crossed Frys mind. Actually there is something you can do, she said, and gave Leela a nervous smile.---Bender tip-toed down the hall, moving from doorway to doorway the way he imagined soldiers and criminals did when they wanted to remain hidden. He reached the end of the hall and laughed quietly to himself as he started to unlock the door he found there.After a moment the lock click and the door slid open. Bender peered in expectantly, his eyes scanning around for anything worth stealing. Aw... crud. Another bust. Doesnt anyone have anything worth stealing around here?He turned from the room, making sure the door closed before he left, and made his way further down the corridor. Perhaps theres something on the ground floor... ooh, they have safes in these places! Laughing, Bender made his way to the elevators and took a car to the lobby. A concierge behind the desk gave him a haughty stare.Robots are not allowed out without an accompanying owner, he said sternly, pointing at Bender. Do you have an owner?No, but I wasnt planning on going outside either, Bender replied. He walked over to the front desk and leaned on it. Have you got safe around here? My... owner, thinks I need to be put in secure storage for a bit. Im very valuable to her.The concierge looked down his nose at Ben...

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