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... 3Mimi x Sinedd 4thanks to everyone who voted you made my life a hell of a lot easier! just want to say thanks for not suggesting Mimi x D'jok as some of my, more perverted, friends have said!-8--Of Jealousy-Mimi has a strange look in her eyes as she strides back out with my, our, other team mates. I grip the edges of my seat tightly, leaning closer the screen. As they square up, I see Sinedd throw Mimi a half-wave. My eyes narrow. I cant see Mimis reaction, but weve warned her about Sinedd. She wont fall for his tricks.She seems to have new determination as she darts across the pitch. Her size is, obviously, a huge help as she can slips around the Shadows lithely and quickly. My breath hitches as she runs at the goal, the Breath building up around her until I can barely see her small figure in the swirls of electric blue wrapping themselves around her. The ball arches at the goal, spinning and hard and fast and perfect.She scores.Then screams in pure joy as Tia hugs her tightly as does Mirco-Ice. Rocket pats her on the back while Thrann gives her a thumbs-up. I feel a mild pang of jealousy; that should be me out there. But I quench it quickly. This is Mimis chance and, besides, Id be ready to go by the time another match comes along.The last half of the match is amazing to watch as Mimi and Mirco-Ice are an unstoppable force. I hate to admit it, but theres no arrogance or a mindless drive to score, as I sometimes have. They work.Aarch is ...
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