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...e back of the seat and sighed sadly. Its strange what you miss most, she added with a slight shrug. Leela gave Fry an odd look.Samuel sat forward a little and peered at the Ninplaybox. Space Invaders. Isnt that an old videogame?Yeah, I was one of the top scorers on it when I left the twentieth century, Fry replied. She closed her eyes and thought back to when she would spend hours on the arcade machine in Pannucis. I used to be a hotshot at that game, played it all the time when I wasnt on deliveries. One time I got my name on every single score slot, until some punk kid tried to beat my top score. I showed him a thing or two... of course then Mr Pannuci turned off the power and wiped it all.I thought most twentieth century women werent in to that sort of thing.Oh I wasnt a... Frys eyes snapped open. She tried to hide her sudden acute embarrassment behind a cough. That is, I was-Philippa wasnt an average woman, Leela said, putting a hand on Samuels shoulder. She wrinkled her brow and tried to look pleading. Its...Let me guess, Samuel said, slumping back in his seat. Complicated, right?Leela nodded. Uh-huh...Samuel shrugged and leaned his head back. He took a deep breath, let it out and smiled a little. A riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma, he said quietly, then glanced out of the windo...

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