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...owhere otherwise.Freddie is right. We need to be diplomatic about this.Daphne and Fred bent their heads over a guide to London, discussing possible ways around the disagreements.LikeerrVelmscan I like..err talk to you? Shaggy said quietlyYes, of course you can.Like I was thinking. You know your way around London dont you?Hardly, I studied the map, and thats about it. Why?Like, I was wondering if you would take me and Scoob to a fish and chips shop? Then we could go on a sightseeing bus tour? That is like of course, if you like want to.Velma blushed, in spite of herself.Sure. She glanced over at Fred and Daphne, Fred, Daphne. Me and Shaggy are gonna, go and do our own thing. We will meet you guys back here for dinner later.And with that the pair, followed by Scooby left the hotel. Fred looked at Daphne with one eyebrow raised;You dont think. He saidI dunnoshe saidThey cant beWe will have to wait and see.So where do you wanna go then? Fred turned to the young girl beside himTo see a show. Please. She said.Ok, then. Lets go get some tickets.Like, oh boy! Fish and chips at last! How cool, Scooby!Rish rand rips! Rummy!Glad that you are enjoying them! Said Velma as the wind blew her hair about her face.They were sitting on the upper floor of an open topped double decker sightseeing bus, on a guided tour of London. They had been down the Mall and seen Buckingham Palace, and were cur...

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