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...hat can we do?Dot: I'm sorry Yakko but we only have enough power to send you a movie.The movie sign beeps and Yakko, Archie, and Bob go into their seats.Calvin, was sitting in his tree house with his best buddy,George: The king of cheese.Hobbes. They were planning G.R.O.S.S. club attacks ontheir neighbour, Susie Derkins. Well Hobbes, looks likewere in for a great summer of freedom to waste on ourselves!Yakko: And dissolve in the sunlight.Calvin said, grinning. Yep. Nothing to do but play! HobbesAgreed. At that point, Calvins Dad called from inside the house.Calvin, come here! Ive got a surprise!Archie: Little did poor Calvin know that his dad was holding an axe behind his back.Calvin went in and over to Dad, who was packing suitcases.Calvin stopped dead in his tracks, gasped and ran yelling,RUN HOBBES! DADS ON A CHARACTER BUILDING RAMPAGE!They then hid behind the couch. Calvin, come out! This trip willbe fun! Dad Yelled.Oh, yep. Camping on a deserted rock is terrific! We get to sit ina soaked tent, eat nothing but SPAM, and watch fish gasp forwater in a bucket! Calvin groaned. But, even with hiscomplaining, the next day, he was in the car, heading forsome ugly old island.Yakko: And we prepare for "Calvin Meets Gilligan"Dad, are we there yet? Calvin moaned after sitting in the car for2 hours. Yes, almost. Dad said, annoyed.Hey, Dad? Can we stop for hamburgers?No! Not hamburgers! Weve had nothing but hamburgersf...
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