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... absorbed in a game of Kill Zombie Kill when Hibberts screams and Lisas triumphant squeals caught his attention. After saving the game state, he rushed toward the sound of the noise, only to discover a scene even more blood-soaked than the one on his computer screen.Lisa! he cried out. I thought you didnt like blood!Bart, do something! yelled Marge, her attempts to pry Lisa from Hibberts neck with a broom proving futile.Im on it! said Bart. In seemingly no time at all he reappeared, slingshot in hand, and sent a cherry bomb hurtling at his sister. The projectile hit her between the eyes, throwing her backwards against a crimson-stained wall.Aw, man, Bart groaned. It was supposed to explode on impact.Marge, seeing the twin gashes in Dr. Hibberts skin, fumbled for a sheet to plug up the blood that poured from them. Heh heh heh, laughed the doctor, delirious and oblivious to the world. Heh heh hehheh heh hehWhen Lisa looked down at the blood that covered her dress, hands, and lips, the horror she felt was equal to the thrill. Oh my God, what did I just do? she cried, tormented by shame.My sisters a vampire, said Bart, walking closer to her. Cool! Does that mean Im a vampire too?Stay back! said Lisa, lamplight reflecting off her fangs as she recoiled from the boy. Im out of control!Bart, call a doctor! Marge barked at her son.Ima doctor, Hibbert ...
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