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... How does 5:00 sound?""It sounds perfect.""Awesome" said Neil as he and Betty kissed each other on the cheek. "Bye Betty!""See you soon, Neil!" reliped Betty as she teleported back to her house.As Neil returned to the cockpit, Sparky could only wonder what went on back there."So, what did you do back there?" asked Sparky."Let's just say that you're not the only one with a date," replied Neil with a smile on his face.When she reached her house, her father finally found her after half an hour of searching."There you are!" said her father. "Come on, we're going to be late!""Coming, Dad!" said Betty as she picked up her ticket from her dresser.At the show, Betty was enjoying herself. The show delivered far more entertainment than it had been anticipated to, even though a wrestler's tooth had flown right into Betty's nacho chips earlier. She was still waiting for a camera to point her way because she had a special surprise. Luckily for her, the camera hanging above the ring panned towards the section of the audience Betty sat in.Seeing her opportunity, Betty took out a folded banner from under her seat, opened it and waved it in the air.In Vancouver Flats, Neil was enjoying Slammin' Saturday while sitting on his couch and munching away on popcorn inbetween sips of a Coca-Cola/Sprite mix. To his surprise, he saw a familiar 13-year-old redheaded gi...

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