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...h soon. He openedwide again and let Chip's munkhood slide teasingly from his throat. He lickedroughly along the entire length and was rewarded by a trickle of yummy nut-flavored precum at the tip. Dale sucked hard on Chip's spongy head, drawing outas much precum as he could and turning Chip's penis a deep red in the process.Just as Chip felt the beginnings of a thunderous orgasm starting to build upinside him, he heard the door open. The passionate moment shattered. He and Daleboth looked up suddenly to see Gadget and Foxglove entering the gym. They'd beencaught red handed. There was going to be some major explanations and apologiestonight."Gadget!' Chip exclaimed, verging on total panic. "This isn't what it lookslike. Well, okay, it is what it looks like but I sincerey hope this won't changeour relationship-"Dale started rapidly explaining to Foxglove too. "Oh Foxy, please, please,PLEASE don't kill me for this! Chip and I were just foolin' around. You know Ilove you with all my heart-""You're more important to me than anything, Gadget! Please try to forgive me-""I'll do anything to try and make up for this-""Please don't leave me because of this stupid mistake. It was all Dale's fault-"I don't deserve to love such a beautiful bat! I'm just a perv! Chip made me doit!"Then suddenly, both boys stopped in midsentence as th...

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