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... real feelings are kind of belied by my trembling fingers, and say, Oh.Was it a really bad fight? Sharon asks, her eyes sympathetic. Shes so maternal at this moment, and it kind of makes me wonder why she had to be such a total bitch and make Stan into a philandering asshole who decided to go live in New fucking York.Suddenly even the best hot chocolate in the world tastes like ash. I stand up.Well make up. Thanks, Mrs. Marsh. I really appreciate the hot cocoa.But youve barely made a dent in it, she protests.I know, I shrug apologetically, I just remembered I have somewhere to be.I make my way out of Stans parents house out into the snow. Stupid fucking snow. I hate this town. I hate this state. And I hate NYU. Ive been the city a few times on weekend trips with friends from my old university. Its not that great. Who decided to make New York part of the Union anyway? Do we really need the empire state building and the statue of liberty? Okay, so there are some pretty good bars in SoHo, but still.Goddamnit. Why is it that every time I try to make amends with Stan, the universe insists on interfering? Maybe its a sign. Maybe were really not supposed to be together. Maybe this whole damned shebang is fucked.Fine. If thats what the universe wants, I give up. No more Stan.Not as friends, not as lovers; I want shit from him n...
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