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... apartment. Everything of value had been stripped from the rooms. In the bedroom, I heard a strange groan. I readied my gun and swung the door open. There was a girl, no older than 18, rubbing her wet clit."Ahh! Where the fuck did you come from?!" She shouted, covering her wet pussy."Oh, sorry, I was just looking for some food," I said."Are you all alone?" I asked."Yeah, I used to be a raider, but my gang abandoned me here." She explained."How's about you come back to my camp?" I said."Hmm, alright, but I need to get dressed," she said. "By the way, I'm Bianca," She added. We walked back to the camp, where Veronica was starting a fire. I introduced them, and explained how I found her. We sat down and cooked the Pork n Beans. After eating, we sat around the fire, telling stories. Around 10:00, I was getting tired, and laid down on sleeping bag. I drifted to sleep, and woke up at around 6:30. Bianca was sitting, poking the ashes of the fire. I got up and sat with her. We talked about ourselves for a while, and then decided to go on a walk. We went over to a small pond. I took of my shirt and pants and jumped into the cool water. She hesitated, but then stripped off her clothes and jumped in. We swam for a while, and then got out.  I looked at her perfect body, and couldn't hold it anymore. I walked up and started kissing her. She grabbed my dick and stroked it. She got down on her knees,and started licking my dick."Mmm, I want you to fuc...

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