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...he annoying man was then cut off when the Zack smashed the rest of his guitar on him."I'm sorry, but somebody had to do it," said Zack."I know," said Meg, "God, he was SO annoying."Meanwhile at the picnic table, Jillian(who is now 3 months pregnant, btw) and Lois were setting things up."Today, I found out that I'm going to be having twins," said Jillian, "Which is wierd because Chris and I only did it once.""Jillian... I don't think it works that way," said Lois."Oh, I'm pretty sure I know how child birth works more than you," said Jillian, "I mean, I have a young bright mind, while yours is getting old and crusty.""Oh really?" asked Lois bitterly, "Then explain to me how child birth works. Enlighten my 'old and crusty' mind.""Well, after 2 people have sex, a place far off in the sky known as the baby factory has this machine," said Jillian, "Now the machine would only activate if 2 people have sex at a certain time and without a condom. It would make a baby, but it takes 9 months to make it so it would take a very long time. When the baby is finally done being built, a stork then carries the baby to the hospital where the mother must go to pick it up. But, if you want an abortion, you go to this place and...

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