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...en in the briefcase. She still wore pacificer though. She sighed with content when she walked in to the air conditioned building.Martin Prince stared at the piece of paper in his hand and swore. Another parking ticket? The drugs he had devolved saved countless lives, but instead of praise he got parking tickets! He heard footsteps behind him and turned quickly. Then he let a sigh of relive.Oh, it's just you. For a minute I thought it was-One of your clients? Or perhaps someone who's loved one died because they didn't get the medicine they needed because you sold it to some druggies looking an easy high?Um.. I wouldn't do that. He started to sweat. All prey did when they were cornered.You're records say different. Now it's time to pay for your crimes.You're turning me in? I took pity on you and gave you this job when no one would hire you and this how you repay!Who ever said anything about turning you? I have an easier solution.His eyes widened in horror. No!Yes. the voice said calmly. Your actions have caused the deaths of many people and made many others addicts.Why do you care? You don't even know those people!You know what? I don't care, but the organization I work for does. Something about you being a demon who clothes himself in the robe of a saint.He became angry at that sentence. You're just a little girl! You don't have what it takes to shoot me.The figure grinned. Oh you had to go and make personal.A second later a shot ran...

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