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...we thought!THE PRISONERS HAVE ESCAPED THE VOLCANO! RED ALERT! the loudspeaker blared.Quick! Bungee up into the rafters, and we can then bungee down on the guards! instructed Clover.As guards started to approach the catwalk, we bungeed down on them! We were using kicks and punches to incapacitate the guards. We then relieved them of their gas masks, and put them on, so we couldnt be gassed to sleep again.Now for Dr. Cumulus! said Sam with determination.We ran down the passageway, and stopped at the door at the end. Sam checked the other side with the combo contacts, and noted that there wasnt anyone guarding it. So we quietly opened the door and snuck into the room.This was the Control Room. Dr. Cumulus was busy watching her islands ramping up to feed the hurricane, on a wall size visual display, with GPS coordinates.Island 7! Move your supply funnel two degrees to the South! That should maximize your impact!Roger, Anne!Island 5 reporting in, Anne! We just funneled our air into the hurricane! Wind speed is already 180 MPH!Excellent, Sylvia!Meanwhile, back at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Dr. James is worried.That tropical depression has strengthened quickly, Mark! Its already a category 5 hurricane, and it isnt even halfway across the Atlantic! remarked a forecaster.Should we issue the alert? asked another.Dr. James thought for a moment. Then he replied, We have no choice. If we dont, thousands and possibly millio...

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