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...ast population of 4,000.Humans soon became the stuff of legendstories that the elders told the hatchlings to frighten them into being good. No one truly believed humans actually existed.Until the fourth centurywhen humans began to arrive on the Great Red Island. It didnt take the gargoyles long to become aware of the human intrusion to their utopia. Since all that they knew of humans came from legend the gargoyles decided to avoid them at first. There werent many and the island was large, there were dozens of clans living scattered about the island, and plenty of room for humans.And this was effective, until a young human girl wandered too close to a Mkodo tree grove. Unaware of the dangers of the carnivorous tree, a gargoyle whod been assigned to watch the humans, rescued her by scaring her away from the deadly foliage.While this did indeed save the girls life, the ramifications were huge. The terrified girl told her parents and the humans began actively hunting the monster that attacked the child. They came across a clan of gargoyles in the jungle by a lake just before the sun rose.From that point onward the humans and gargoyles were at war, though the gargoyles did little actual fighting, the humans mostly destroyed them during the day. Then one wise gargoyle chose to try and listen to the human languageto communicate with the humans.It ...
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