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...natos actually looked shocked, but only for a moment which quickly passed. "Well, it seems I'll have to have a word with the fellow who assured me that that couldn't happen." He turned back to Brooklyn. "It seems that until Ms. Kirk chooses to come out, we'll just have to wait."He stared in frustration at the screen. Instead of showing him Catherine Kirk, as he had asked, it was displaying a picture of a little blue cartoon gargoyle, holding a sign which read -- "We are experiencing technical difficulties - Please stand by..." Someone, or something was blocking his signal. This did not make him happy.In the secured room, Cat worked, creating devices and weapons which were hundreds of thousands of light years ahead of anything presently available on earth. She worked with a glazed expression, as though she were in a daze.On the table in front of her already sat two things, what appeared to be a six-inch long metal cylinder, and a radio headset. Still she worked on. The tools in the room were too primitive to be of use in her present work. Instead, she held futuristic and alien devices.Whenever she would reach for a tool, there would be a flash of dark green light, and the tool would appear. When she was finished with the tool, it would disappear in the same manner.So, she worked th...

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