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...on say the name of the person who should speak next. Tara.Is everyone alright Angelina?I'm OK. Pao Chai?No I'm so scared I want to go home all of them now sounded upsetHow do we get out of here? Kate All were on the verge of tearsI don't know, any ideas Tara?No. Sarah are you OKFinally someone remembers me, I'm fine I just want to go to sleep Tara.I think we are sleeping. Guys I'm sorry I ran off before......The strange conversation between the sleeping girls continued as if it was the only stopping them from going mad, insuch a weird place, or dream as Tara believed.---------------------------------In another white room the five girls were their again, this time placed in five large white and blue beds, with a coupleof people of different race. In the groups watching the girls, were five other girls, who resembled each one of the girlsasleep. The guardians watched their other half quite amazed that you would never think they were the same person,maybe sister at a push but never the same person. Skyshade was outside the room. He had not been allowed insideto see his friend as a punishment for breaking one of the laws of Kandrakar.The Ring of Silverglass Darkness had been returned to its place in the magic storage room of the fortress. Not letting himinside to see the girls he had guarded for years, it was inf...

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