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...enty-Two--Of Blushing and Giggling (from Ahito and Jake, respectively)-Ahito collapses half-back. Ive been expecting it, and Ive already had my arms around him so its just a question of swinging him up so I can carry him properly. God, that boy can sleep!His arms are curled up to his chest as his head nuzzles my shoulder, trying to find a comfy pillow. Then he settles and a small smile forms on his lips, chapped from the cold.Ahito! Man, I was wondering where he was hey, thanks for bringing him back. Thran, the spitting image of the boy in my arms, only with much shorter hair, grins at me thankfully and reaches out to take Ahito.No, its ok Ill take him to your room; hes too peaceful to be disturbed. Thran shoots me a slightly confused look but shrugs and gestures for me to follow him.Thran, ol buddy, ol pal! How you doing? Mirco-Ice bounces around a corner, then stops when he sees me. Oh. Jake.You two know each other?Uh...yeah. Mirco-Ice mutters.Oh, me and Icy go way back, dont we? I simper, then giggle like a lovestruck teenager. The look on his face makes me feel sorry for him, however, so I decide to help him out, Icys a friend of my mates. I say, winking at the poor boy how blushes furiously. His adoration for Krys is ridiculously...
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