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...an, princess, hed collapsed right on the ground. Nothing could rouse him. The farmer reasoned hed come from the forest. I would reason the same, judging from the state of his clothes.Clothes, yes. Please bring some fresh ones and have the servants draw up a bath.Are you sure that is wise, my lady? Frederick, the second knight, plain with sandy hair and buck teeth but gentle eyes finally spoke up. His health is already fragile.Owen of Largess, the first knight whom Calla didnt know and truthfully, didnt care for too well, spoke again. He is but a page my lady, let the young ones downstairs attend to this.Calla didnt dignify this with an answer, she took Cavins thin, dirty hand in her own and stroked it. It was so hot, calloused from his work but hot and dry. The skin looked shiny, as it did on his face. His hair was filthy and matted and there was dried blood around his nose, ears and lips. It stood out starkly against his white pallor.His breathing was an urgent whistle and he kept arching his back and moaning, sometimes clenching his teeth. This told Calla he was in pain, terrible pain since Cavin did not complain even under awful duress. It sent a lance of another kind of pain straight through her.This is beneath you. Calla ignored the snobbish Own and put her other hand on Cavins head, hoping for some kind of response.Cavin? She...

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