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...ready knew and she pointed towards his room. “No more excuses, now go to your room and I don’t want you to come out until it’s clean and your homework is done young man!”Milhouse watched the exchange silently, his own mother having had similar discussions with him before, even though he was a good and clean kid. He suddenly felt lucky not to have a sibling who would rat him out, though Lisa never was too far from his thoughts. Marge’s attention turned back to her cleaning and she missed Milhouse obediently following Bart up towards his room, though not before the rebellious boy gave a rather nasty scowl to his sister.“Aww man, this blows.” Bart said as he threw himself on his bed, falling on his back and bouncing once or twice before remaining still. He had no intention of doing any cleaning up. ‘That’ll teach her,’ he thought. On the other side however, Milhouse had already started grabbing some of the toys and putting them in the closet. It wouldn’t be the best clean up ever, but he knew how to appease moms and if it could get Bart out of trouble, he was happy to do it.“Milhouse! What are you doing?” Bart shouted as he saw what his friend was doing. Milhouse almost jumped out of his skin when Bart yelled, but quickly attempted to collect himself and his thoughts.“I was just picking up a little, trying...

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