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....Scooby bounded over to Daphne and pushed her to the ground before she knewwhat was happening. He ripped her panties off and pushed her legs up by herhead so he could stick his cock in her dripping pussy. He parted her lipswith one massive thrust causing Daphne to grunt.Daphne had had sex many times, but never with a cock like Scooby's 14 incher.It just seemed to fill her like she had never thought she could be filled.Scooby pounded Daphne's pussy hard, desperate to reach the climax he failedto reach with Velma. Yet no matter how much he wanted the release it seemedto just barely allude him. Daphne reached climax quickly and started to buildtowards a second orgasm. Sweat was glistening from her hot body and cum wasleaky from her pussy as Scooby continued to pound way.Scooby pulled his cock out and slammed it roughly into Daphne's anus. Daphnewas had anal before, yet not with anyone with a cock like a great danes. Thistighter hole soon sent Scooby over the edge and he pulled out just in time todrench Daphne with cum. It got in her her and was dripping off her face asScooby fell to the floor worn out.Shaggy quickly found Velma's glasses and Daphne cleaned off her face as theyheard someone coming down the stairs. The girls quickly straightened theirclothes and were only slightly disheveled when Fred walked into the room. "Hey, I finally found...

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