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A Sample part of La Famille Pirate Story: as he did those girls he knew from the orphanage or from the group homes that he stayed at, and even the few he had known from when he lived on the streets. It's been very obvious that she'd lived a hard life. She understood him. And he was one of the few that understood her.Kit was still mulling all of this over when he walked in the door at H4H."Hey, Lil' Britches. I was just makin' a sandwich. Do ya want one?""No thanks, Papa Bear. I'm not really hungry right now.""Not hungry?" 'Gotta be something wrong with that kid, he never eats.' Baloo thought as he finished putting the condiments on his foot-tall ham and cheese sandwich."I got the tickets to that air show you've been wantn' to see so bad in New Fedora today.""You did!?! That's great. I've been wanting to see that forever!" Kit exclaimed excitedly, throwing his books down before he ran into the kitchen, completely forgetting about the days earlier events."Yeah, and I , are you okay?" Baloo said, dropping his sandwhich and rushing over to where the boy stood."I'm fine Papa Bear. Why do you ask?" Kit answered, struggling to get away from the larger bear's strong grasp.Baloo started wiping Kit's face. "Your face is all red. Must be some sort of rash. Maybe I should take you to the doctor or somethin'.""Baloo, I'm fine. Please, just let me go. I'm fine!" Finally managing to break free, he ran up the stairs into the bathroom slam...
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