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...o look after my own boyfriend?" Odd asked. Ulrich bit his lip and blushed."Actually..I thought you were about to tell me you don't want to be with me.." Ulrich looked away."You read into things too much." Odd pulled Ulrich close, taking advantage of his size. "And whatever you need me to be to you, I'll be it.""O-okay.." Ulrich looked up at Odd's face, his eyes full of confusion."Come on now, we have to talk to Jeremy about his formula." Odd said. He picked up Ulrich and carried him to Jeremy's room."So basically what you're saying is you really didn't think this through at all." Ulrich said. Jeremy nodded."I took the return to the past code and changed it a little so it would be more concentrated. I really didn't think it would do anything." Jeremy said."Well..what you thought and what you did were two totally different things. What can we do to fix it?" Ulrich asked."I'm not sure there's much you can do. I have to research and alter the return to the past code and pray I can send you forward." Jeremy said. "For now your best bet is to concentrate on yourself. Make sure you don't get hurt anymore, because it could cause irreversable damage.""Fine.." Ulrich said, slumping back against Odd, who played with his hair.Ulrich leaned back and closed his eyes, breathing evenly. Odd shook his head and carried Ulrich back to their room,...
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