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...night."After he left, Jane quickly straightened her hair and touched up her make up. Her panties were soaked, but she didn't have any extra. With her flushed face, full lips, and nipples poking through her thin top, she was oozing with sexual energy barely contained within her dainty body. She rushed out to the staging area where the contestants were waiting their turn to go on the stage. Jane was devastated when she saw the other contestants - they were all knock out beauties. Even after her personal interview with the judge, this was going to be hard. She looked over to the judge's box. The short mystery judge was gone! Another much taller mystery judge was in the box. There was no way she was going to win. They went out one at a time first Miss Saturn, followed by Miss Mars, Miss Big Dipper, Miss Satellite, Miss Comet all on small floating platforms that dropped them to the stage. Jane had to balance on top of a ball that was a model of earth. They told her to stand on one leg with her other knee lifted high, her right hand on her hip and the left hand behind her head. As the fake earth lowered her to the stage, spotlights lit her up. Thousands of people in the audience erupted in applause. Jane saw that the judges box was behind her and decided she had to do something bold to make her stand out...

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