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...The next day they made it to route 222 then they saw a Aakazam it teleport Ash, Dawn, May, Brock, and Max to mountain coronet then a black gate open. Then it suck all of them in now there inside the gate. There they saw a Giratina it attack them Ash use all of there pokemon but there pokemon all got k.o in one hit but Dawn Lucario. The Giratina use hypnosis and kidnap Dawn, and May when Dawn and May wake up they where scar the Giratina rip off there cloth. They got more scar the Giratina fuck Dawn ass. May wach Dawn get fuck it cum in Dawn ass now it May turn it fuck May pussy and fingering Dawn they both cry for help. Lucario ran to them to help Lucario use aura sphere but it did not hit then Lucario use draco meteor it k.o Giratina thank for saving us again. We will let you fuck us Lucario fuck Dawn ass and fingering May. After that they look for Ash, Brock, and Max then they look for the black gate. Then they exit out of the gate outsaide they saw the Aakazam it teleport them back to route 222. To be CONTINU...

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