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...he last single cell, at the very end of the row of cells.As the brothers walked away, Peter turned to his brother and said, Weve got to get the higher-ups to make more cells down here.His brother agreed. We cant have the prisoners conversing with each other, sharing the same cells.Well, whatever. Lets get out of here. This place creeps me out.The twins walked out of the cell area.Are they gone yet? A voice came out from a cell around the middle of the block. It was Madam Margaret.Ja, ze are gone, another voice, from the front of the block, said. This voice belonged to Heinrich von Marzipan.Oh, look, Stickybeard said. New prisoners. Kids, these are.Soccer Mom, Mr. Boss, Count Spankulot, Crazy Old Cat Lady, Stickybeard, and the Toilenator were back in the Arctic Prison. The suspended period where they could be free, offered to them by Numbuh Four, was over.Hey, yeah, Mr. Boss said. Wonder what they did to get here? Kids normally dont get captured. Except for little fatty in cell one.Heinrich raised his eyebrows, but said nothing.The two newest inmates, in their cells, glanced quickly at each other, and the female one said, Were here because we did something against the Kids Next Door. Like all of you. She leaned forward against the cold metal bars of the cell. Isnt that why were all here?The adults simultaneously agreed, then leaned back in their cells, quiet.Well, good. Theyre ...

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