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...and then put a finger to his mouth. You want me to be quiet? Perry shook his head, pointed to his fedora, then put his finger to his mouth again.Oh, I see. I cant say anything about it, huh?Perry shook his head and sighed. Isabella then spoke again.Perry? Whats wrong?Perry put the jet on autopilot and grabbed a manual on the floor. He flipped through it and showed her a page which read, Rule # 1745284.5: Under NO circumstances is an agent allowed to reveal his or her affiliations with the Agency to anyone other than his or her nemesis. Violators will be dismissed.Ooohh. Isabella said. Perry dropped the book to the ground, the rested his head on the steering wheel. Well, cant they cut you a break? I mean, its not like you really had any choice right?Perry shrugged and sighed.Actually, Agent P, we can, Monograms voice said to him.Who was that? Isabella asked him. Perry turned his attention to the small screen on the dashboard.Monogram faded onto the screen. Agent P, I have good news. You DID reveal your agent-ism, or whatever it is, to this young girl here. However, you only did it to rescue her from Doofenshmirtz and for that, youre not dismissed. And since weve all seen how drastic memory wipes are in movies, weve decided not to risk one, and the girl will get to keep her memory,...

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