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...sooner.-Keef's Mom-(she came out of the house with a suit case) Now honey we don't want a repeat of what happened last time and beside some one is here to see you.-Cody- (he came out of the house behind Keef's mom with flowers) Hey Lizzy I heard about you and Jake and I'm so very sorry. Here these flowers are for you. (he gave her the flowers) And if you ever need a shoulder to cry on I'm here.-Lizzy- Oh no Cody don't think that I would be desperate enough to go out with you gross. (she throw the flowers at him) Here some advice Cody. Why don't you go and ask Sadie out because I'm so out of your league (she signed) If anyone needs me I'll be in the car socking alone in this dark void of a world. (she went into the car and slammed the door shut)-Keef's Mom- Oh I'm so sorry about that Cody.-Keef's Dad- Yeah Cody well better luck next time and between you and me I would rather my daughter be with you but you know how girls are. So any way Cody do you want to come with us after all there is still some room in the car.-Cody- Ah no thanks Sir I think I'll just take Lizzy's advice and ask Sadie out and hey maybe I'll get lucky.-Keef's Dad- That's the sprit kid. Well good luck.-Cody- You too. (he left...

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