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...t to know?Rave signed I am an anasarian, beings who live on the planet anasar. My race can manipulate energy of any kind, including life energy if needed. We are able to control the energy to create energy attacks or defence. We can also distort reality if needed.Not again! black yelled. They were suddenly back at section 13. Rave snapped her fingers and the wreckage vanished as thought there was never a mess. She wiped theMemory of the fight from the peoples mind. Anything else? rave asked. Black just stared numbly at what she did to his people. Great. He groaned. Jade stared in wonder at her friend this is just so cool! she cheered.Welcome to our family timeWelcome to our brotherly timeWe're happy giving and taking to thefriends we're makingThere's nothing we won't doWelcome to our family timeWelcome to our happy to be timeThis is our festival, you know and best of allWe're here to share it allHow dare she. The hunter growled, floating in the endless void of the demon netherworld I hate you, rave azawah. You and your entire clan his eyes turned slightly misty maybe not all. He remembered her blue eyes, her pale hair. The way she move, her sweet laughter. He clenched his fits. All he wanted was to see her again, his soulmate tehari azawah.Who are you? a rough demonic voice aske...

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