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...nt really think Id let you do this alone, did you? Mushu replied.But Im not alone. I... She sighed, Mushu, Im glad you came. I need to talk to someone, and I dont want the others to know.You dont have to tell me, sweetheart, I know, Mushu said.But how? What should I do?Im your guardian. I notice this things. By the way, I dont think right now would be the best time to break the news to Shang.You can say that again, Mulan muttered. Im really not ready for something like this. I want to be a parent, but this couldnt have happened at a worse time.Dont worry. Everything will be fine. Ill make sure of that.What if Im wrong? What if Im not pregnant? Mulan reasoned, My cycles have never been predictable.Heres my advice: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, Mushu said before slithering away.--Mulan woke before Shang. She crawled out of the opening of the tent, and stood to stretch. A gray-blue haze rolled over her eyes. Her surroundings seemed to spin. She began to feel so dizzy, she decided to sit down in the dewy grass before she fainted.That was weird, she said to herself after it passed.Are you all right? a sweet voice asked. Mulan looked up. She hadnt noticed Chien-Po was awake.Yeah, Im fine, Mulan said. I just got a little dizzy.We should be in QuiGong this evening, yes? Chien-Po asked.Yeah, Mulan said, One can only hope well be welcome.--The five warriors rode into a bustl...

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