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...he chest and when I looked at her she was right in front of me with a lot of those purplre particales comeing from her. "You plan on staying here?" I ask. She giggled and said "I still have a bounty out on my head. You dont want me to be hurt again do you?" I bowed to her and said "I never want to see you hurt my lady." When I came back up she was smiling. "You will have to do some work for me if you want to stay here." This time she bowed and said "I wouldnt have it anyother way my good sir." I chuckled when she said this. When I was taking care of here I treated her like a princess and now she was treating me like a prince. "Something funny?" she asked as she came up. "What you said." "My good sir what do you mean?" she ask, alredy knowing what I ment. I laughed and said "I just love someone who can make me laughed." She blushed and said "Your funny to. Tabuu do you have anyother Ender Pearls?" "Just one, why? Do you need another?" "No that one you gave me it better then my last ones. I and other Ender-people have the power to teleport people with them if they have out crystel." "Amazing. Oh and I made somethings for you." I said as I dug around in my bag. (from now one inventories will be called bags and pouches are mine bags.) "What is it Tabuu?" she asked. I then pelled out a bag that was the same zized as mine but this one looked like an Enderman's head. "Since your going to be working for ...

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