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...ohnny, she said shyly.Yeah. He replied simply not really paying attention to her.Do you still like Janet? She asked while looking down. Johnny gagged on his ice cream. Sissy looked up at him in panic and began pounding his back. He coughed it up into the garbage. He was breathing deeply. He threw out the rest of the ice cream, coughing. Sissy threw away hers, and turned back to Johnny sadly. Missys eyes told her what to do. Sissy leaned forward and hugged him, Johnnys eyes widened.I am so sorry. She said. She was trying to impress him and instead causes him to choke. Johnny looked unsure.Er- It is okay. He then patted her back reassuringly. She sighed and decided to give it one more shot, in impressing him at least. She promised herself that she would no longer bully him, or anything like that. It made her really nervous. She pulled away, and looked at him unsurely.I wanna- She started. No. No. Never mind. Johnny looked at her.What is up with you today?! Johnny shouted and picked her up by her upper arms. You hugging me, being nice to me, and getting sad when I talk to other girls! What is wrong with you?! Sissy looked scared then annoyed.I am trying to be nice, and I am doing She trailed off then smirked. a test.A test? What kind of test? Sissy smiled at the questio...

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