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... was up with her friend.Oh my god youre seeing someone, Jen said, arent you.Brook was about to invent a cover story when Logan walked into the store.Brook I didnt peg you for the athletic type, Logan said.Im full of surprises, Brook said to the guy then turned back to Jen, Jen this is Logan...Logan this is Jen.Nice to put a face with a name, Logan said, Caitlin and Brook have talked allot about you.Good things I hope, Jen asked eyeing Brook.From Brook yes, Logan said, from Caitlin not so much.Jen nodded.So I take it you two are, Jen asked.A couple, Logan said turning to Brook.I wouldnt say that yet, Brook said, I mean we went out one time since we met alone mostly we hang with Caitlin and Coop.So you have been making friends with Caitlin, Jen asked.Dont worry Jen, brook said, I know who my REAL friends are...in fact why dont you and Jude join us for Valentines Day.Ill get back to you, Jen said.Brook nodded and left the mall with Logan.Nikki and Jonsey were sitting in the food court hand and hand.I know we have been out on dates before, Jonsey said, but Friday is Valentines Day.And youre asking your girlfriend on a date, Nikki said, how cute.So is that a yes or no, Jonsey asked, I mean there are plenty of other chicks here at the mall that would love to go out with the J man.J man, Nikki asked.Jonsey smirked as they kissed.Get a room you two, Wy...

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