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.... No your not Bonnie... What do u mean Mrs.. Possible? Kim told me everything... So she is up in her waiting for u... Yes Mrs.. Possible but where is her room? All the at the top of the stairs.... Mrs..Possible your not mad that I'm treating your daughter like my property? No there's nothing I can do about it... Bonnie go up to stair so can satisfy her needs.....When she walk's into Kim's room she seen her sitting on her bed naked.. Bonnie knew she was waiting for her to come and use Kim.... Bonnie walked over to her, ok bitch lay down and get ready while I get undress... Once Bonnie was naked, she climbed in between Kim's legs and slammed her cock into Kim.... Oh yes fuck me harder Bonnie... Bonnie start slamming her cock in and out of Kim not care if anyone heard her moan or not...Kim was moaning loud enough where her mom heard her... Bonnie is really giving it to her... Bonnie was pounding the hell out of Kim when there was a knock on her door...Bonnie got up and answer the door... Mrs... Possible can I help u? I don't care how u fuck my daughter but u need to keep her quiet so when her dad get's home.... He doesn't find out that you two are up here fucking... Yes Mrs... Possible I will put something in the bitch's mouth..Thank you Bonnie.... Bonnie shut's th...

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