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...g, deep kiss. She broke it shortly after it began, both of them panting a little from the lack of air. Giselle looked into his eyes, her own filled with lust. "You're just being a jerk ... And nothing has ever aroused me more." She said, forcing the boy into another long kiss, this one easily accepted by Ash. The boy wrapped his arms around her, pulling her body close and feeling her breasts rub against him; even through her blouse, they seemed big. Giselle's tongue darted around inside Ash's mouth, looking for his own. This didn't take long; shortly after, their tongues were entwined, frantically moving around the other. "Oh God, you're so ... Ash, I need you." Giselle said after breaking the embrace. Ash blinked, somewhat surprised; not an hour ago, this girl was a complete snob who wouldn't even spit in his direction – And now she wanted to fuck him. From the look in her eyes, she wanted it pretty badly, too. Well, Misty and Brock can always wait another hour, right? They're probably fucking, anyway. Ash figured Misty was a huge cheat, but he didn't really care. Giselle's very hot, and by the dripping she was doing on the floor, she was also very, very horny - Time to show off the ol' Ketchum experience. "So you need me that bad, huh Giselle- Whoa." Ash couldn't finish talking; Giselle was already peeli...

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