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...phone call to her was answered but was quickly turned over to a dark male voice who we later found out was none other then XANA himself. Being challenged by him via a video message we head to Lyoko and entered into the area he set up. There Odd Cousin Kat who we had allowed into the group, ran foolishly headfirst into a trap setup by XANA. After a brief introduction and showing of his new human-like form XANA challenged us to a new game called a Databattle, Kat and her pet Ferret Strawberry being the main players of this game. This game was like a Chess Game but it had several unique rules and differences that made it stand out. After a brief introduction, Kat played against XANA security system of two Kankrelat and won easily but then XANA activated a card called a Rulebreaker card which summoned a Megatank and easily defeated Kat in a Defense trap but the tables where turned on XANA when Strawberry unleashed a counter attack which defeated the Megatank. Being the sore loser XANA sent us back to Lyoko with a powerful dark pulse. Back in the real world Aelita told us she learned a lot about XANA including him being upgraded to a full functioning virtual being. He now looks, sounds, and even acts like a human.Anyhow I notified the group about my activities within the supercomputer and told them Id work on...
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