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... saved yourself for me." Zelda cried.       "I tried... I'm just not very good, at it..." Link replied.       "From what I hear you're very good at *it*, except for Malon" Link winced when she said that. [Now that's hitting below the belt] Zelda thought "I know, I know, it's hard because you're just so sexy."       "I didn't say that."       "I know, but anyways you are still a kid at heart; you need to live a normal kid's life, you can't miss a single day or you'll regret it for the rest of your life." Zelda said.       "This is about you isn't it? I know how hard it must have been living in a world that Gannon ruled. But that's over now, we can keep the past behind us." Link said       "Yes, I suppose it's about my lost youth... but trust me you don't know how hard it is knowing that you can't go back. All I can do is offer myself to you as going away present, allthough that will probably just make things harder." Zelda blushed slightly.       "It's not like I can go back to being a naive child, even if I go back I'll still act the same as I do now. I, I love you... you're the one I've been waiting for; well sorta waited; I can't just have a one-night stand and then go back to being a kid. I mean it will be too weird living with you, knowing how...

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